Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

As a company dealing with IR communication, ZAIHON, INC. (hereafter as Zaihon) makes every effort to manage information appropriately in compliance with laws and regulations. As part of these efforts, the protection of personal information is regarded as one of the basic precepts of our business operation and we recognize that the appropriate handling and safe management of personal information is an important social responsibility.

To fulfill this duty, ZAIHON established the following Personal Information Protection Policy on which we base our efforts to competently handle, manage and maintain personal information.

1. ZAIHON clearly defines the purpose of obtaining personal information within a legal business scope and proceeds to obtain such in a legal and fair manner after announcing or publicizing in advance the purpose of use.

2. ZAIHON utilizes personal information strictly within the purpose of use scope announced or publicized in advance. Unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations, such information will not be provided to a third party beyond the necessary scope for achieving the specified purpose of use.

3. In the event ZAIHON outsources to a third party the tasks of handling personal information within the necessary scope for achieving the specified purpose of use, either an agreement is concluded with that outsourcee or a written pledge is obtained from same, and appropriate monitoring is effected as deemed necessary.

4. ZAIHON strictly manages the personal information it handles and has in place appropriate prevention and corrective measures to guard against the leakage, destruction, damage or loss of such information.

5. ZAIHON adheres to the laws and regulations pertaining to personal information protection as well as policies established by Japan and other rules.

6. ZAIHON will honestly and promptly respond to any inquiry pertaining to the handling of personal information as well as any request for disclosure, etc. from the owner of such information.

7. ZAIHON has in place a management system pertaining to personal information protection that is not only utilized thoroughly by all employees but also revised and improved on a regular basis.

Satoko Matsumoto
President and Representative Director

For all inquiries on personal information, please contact 03-5408-9515