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ZAIHON, INC. handles the personal information it receives from applications in the following way.
We ask that you read this information and agree to it before making your inquiry.

Details of the handling of personal information

ZAIHON appropriately handles and manages the personal information of the person making an inquiry based on laws and regulations and on ZAIHON's Personal Information Protection Policy.

ZAIHON shall only use the customer personal information that you enter only for the purpose of responding to the inquiry. If your inquiry concerns business provided by another member of the corporate groups in which ZAIHON belongs, such as Internet-based Investor Relations services, the relevant group company shall respond to your inquiry using this information, which ZAIHON will provide to that company in line with ZAIHON's security policy.

In principle, responses to inquiries are provided by email. However, depending on the nature of the inquiry, the response may be in written form or by telephone based on the information that you enter.

ZAIHON will not provide the personal information obtained from the inquiry to a third party without the consent of the person making the inquiry.

ZAIHON will not entrust the job of handling the personal information obtained from the inquiry to a third party.

ZAIHON will respond within reasonable scope to complaints, consultations or requests for clarification that you make concerning the personal information you provide here in your inquiry.

For all inquiries on personal information, please contact 03-5408-9515

Please read ZAIHON's Personal Information Protection Policy here.

When an email address, name and company name are not provided in the inquiry, there are cases where it will not be possible to respond to an inquiry or the content of the response may be limited.

Depending on the nature of the inquiry, it may be necessary to confirm the identity of the person making the inquiry, however, information other than email, name, company name and telephone number is not mandatory when providing personal information.


ZAIHON prohibits the diverted use or secondary use of a response from ZAIHON, be it a part of the response or the response in full.

Please address inquiries to the Administration Division, ZAIHON, INC.

Operating hours for inquiries:9:00 to 17:00