About the Company

About the Company

Assistance for corporate information reporting in English

ZAIHON, INC. specializes in the English translation of corporate information. Even inside Japan's corporate world, there is now a strong demand for corporate information to be reported bilingually in Japanese and English. We exist to fulfill this need.

ZAIHON's key attributes are quality, responsiveness, and high security level

English translation of disclosure information requires a much of specialty and the handling of insider information and the work involved has a high level of difficulty. ZAIHON has established a solid reputation for (a) its high quality, which reflects specialist knowledge and accumulated experience, (b) its rapid responsiveness to the constantly evolving laws, regulations and accounting standards, and (c) its original production system, which is characterized by a high security emphasis. In particular, due to the nature of this work, the customer entrusts us with confidential undisclosed information. We receive, transfer, store and manage this information with the greatest circumspection, such as by using highly secure networks.

Support for a new age of bilingual Investor Relations in Japanese and English

Currently there is a rapid trend throughout the world to converge towards or adopt the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standard). IFRS compliant disclosure looks like becoming compulsory in Japan in the near future. The information of Japanese companies will therefore soon need to be disclosed bilingually in Japanese and English. At ZAIHON, we have constructed a system comprising various document creation functions supported by our accumulated specialist know-how of English translation of financial documents and advanced specialist knowledge to support such disclosure needs in English.

Exacting production system that fulfills the requirements of English translation of legal disclosure documents

At ZAIHON, our work mainly consists of financial reports and legal disclosure documents. As it would be unacceptable for mistakes to appear in such documents, we place an extremely high emphasis on not only accuracy of numerical data and proper nouns but also creating English documentation that accurately translates excerpts from laws and regulations or legal documents in a way that is not open to misinterpretation. Accordingly, to ensure we create correct documents without inconsistencies and contradictions, we exactingly employ quality management that involves checking the accuracy of specialist terminology and the consistency of expression far more meticulously than what is required for general documents.

Always striving to maximize customer satisfaction

At ZAIHON, we visit the customer before work commences whenever possible and discuss details such as the purpose of use of the document and the schedule. Our aim is to clarify all uncertainties before commencing with the English translation workflow. By researching ways to quickly, accurately and efficiently produce English documentation we strive to eliminate additional hassle for the people responsible for such documents on the customer's side, who already must deal with the filing of the original Japanese documents. In this way we aim for maximum customer satisfaction with respect to not only the finished product but also the work process.

ZAIHON's Strengths

1 Responsiveness to new trends

The content of what needs to be disclosed changes in line with constantly evolving regulations and accounting standards and is therefore not the same each time. At ZAIHON, we are quick to grasp the most recent disclosure requirements. As each reporting season passes, our experience accumulates, making us more able to assist the customer disclose information accurately reflecting new trends.

2 Production know-how that incorporates professional knowledge

The ability to create high quality translation documents in English requires more than just translation skill. Our ability to create high quality documents is supported by our wide knowledge of finance and accounting, and the various governing laws such as the Companies Act and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, including J-SOX etc., and our numerous experience in document creation.

3 Creation of documents that meet the purpose

Depending on the purpose, English translations of the same document can differ. At ZAIHON, we discuss these issues with the customer individually so that throughout the production process we are fully aware of the purpose of the translation and put detailed effort into ensuring the finished document complies with such purpose.

About Our Business

We assist companies in disclosing information in English.

English translation of documents reporting Financial Results
  • Financial Results for the Fiscal Year, Financial Results for the Quarter (Kessan Tanshin)
    (as required by the listing securities exchange)
  • Presentation material for Financial Results Briefing Session (PowerPoint presentations)
  • Securities Report, Quarterly Report, Semiannual Report (Yuho Report)
    (as required by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act)
  • Creation and updates to Financial Statements in English
English translation of documents related to Shareholder Meetings
  • Notice of Convocation of Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
    (including the Actual Notice of Convocation, the Attached Documents [Business Report and Financial Statements and Notes to Financial statements], and Reference Material)
  • Notice of Resolutions of Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
Creation of Investor Relations tools in English
  • Creation of Annual Report in English (English translation)
  • Creation and updates to Financial Statements in English
  • English translation of information for shareholders such as communication to shareholders and business reports
English translation of timely disclosure material
  • Timely disclosure releases (revisions to operating forecasts, changes in directors, M&A etc.)
  • Presentation material for Financial Results Briefing Session (PowerPoint presentations)
English translation of other documents
  • Corporate Governance Report
  • CSR Report
  • Environment Report
  • Website text and creation of website content
  • Creation of documentation necessary for listing on overseas securities exchanges